Words, New Words, Real words

Having noticed that our most visited posts are about vocabulary, we thought you might enjoy this Ted talks video:

For those interested in the word(s) of the year 2014:



Our last comment on the video is: don’t forget to be critical about the dictionaries and language resources in general that you use. You might have noticed  that we  had mentioned this tip in many past posts.

Unsurprisingly, our second most visited posts are about  how to learn. Today we found an intriguing video questioning the myth of  learning styles.

Love it or loathe it, it might  actually help you to reconsider the way you study or give you an idea why old-fashioned memorization  and repetition  methods are resurrecting, the most recent in Spain being  the too-well-marketed Vaugham method.

Our students keep asking our opinion about it. For all students of English in Spain who wonder if it is really more efficient than any other method,which is what its “author” claims, our answer will always be: keep trying out what might work for you best. Even after listening to the video questioning learning styles, and wondering how far it really is valid, learning preferences can never be questioned.

The more effort you make in order to find a way that helps you to learn, the more likely it will be that you will eventually come up with the one that works best for you.Stick to your preferences and follow your gut feeling. Results will eventually follow.