Heart and Soul vs. Heart in Boots

Today I’ll just  have to pour my heart out to you and admit  that this is exactly what I’ve been afraid of when starting this blog – I’m blocked! I  have put my heart and soul into today’s post, but it just isn’t working out they way I’d want it to!

I thought talking about THE HEART would be an easy guideline.Not so. I’ve been struggling to put together a string of songs, poetry and idioms as well as serious articles on heart conditions or heartless acts and it just won’t work out! It made my heart sink.

However, in my heart of hearts I know you have spent the week in heartfelt expectation to hear what’s been near to my heart these days, so I just don’t have the heart to let you down.

Don’t lose heart! Read on! This just must work out somehow. I know you guy’s have your hearts in the right place and won’t take  one lousy post too much to heart.Nevertheless, I will be eating my heart out waiting for your likes and if there aren’t any,that would definitely break my heart.

Have  a heart! Check out this link with the idioms I’ve used and try to learn some by heart.

Please don’t set your heart against idioms using the word HEART. For a moment, you might even feel your heart beat faster or you might  have a hearty laugh!


P.S. I had a lot of fun in the end trying to use as many idioms as possible with ony one word. You can try it out with another word. For example ,FOOT. It seems like an interesting group of idioms to play with!




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